Knee braces are a helpful tool for patients suffering from osteoarthritis (OA). They help to reduce the bone-on-bone contact that lies at the root of knee pain. The systematic wearing away of cartilage over time creates bone spurs that grow larger when the condition is left untreated. This happens for a combination of different reasons that varies from patient to patient, but one issue is poor posture which forms as a result of habit. Changes in posture require repeat reinforcement and focused exercise as part of a treatment regimen. Knee braces provide more immediate strain relief and allow the knee joint to articulate properly.

How an Unloader Knee Brace Works

There are different types of knee braces, but unloader (or “freestyle”) OA braces are specifically designed to interrupt the pattern that leads to OA-related knee pain. They “unload” weight from the knee joint by applying pressure to points on the thighs. They hold the knee joint open and restrict side-to-side movement to prevent aggravating the arthritis. By using a knee brace in combination with other therapies, patients are often able to delay or avoid knee replacement surgery.

Knee braces are not a complete solution for knee pain. Selecting the right knee brace for your treatment program requires the assistance of a qualified professional. Using a knee brace can help to alleviate pain and help your joints to recover, but there are a number of other critical components needed. Knee patients need regular therapy and exercise to develop muscles properly and re-train the body to adopt new postures. Also, since many of our patients have already developed advanced OA before their first session with us, additional therapies are often required (such as viscosupplementation and regenerative therapy).

Flexogenix uses Breg freestyle knee braces as part of its OA treatment programs. Patients can wear these braces every day during normal activity. Their wraparound design makes them easy to put on, remove and wash. Breg also offers a full line of knee braces designed to accommodate different conditions and injuries.

If you suffer from OA or knee pain, give us a call to schedule an initial consultation to discuss the treatment options that we offer.

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