Non-Surgical Orthopedic Solutions

Treating Injuries and Arthritis for Every Joint

Each year thousands of people in this country undergo surgeries that may not be necessary. And, in many cases, the patient ends up no better or even worse off than they were before. That’s why at Flexogenix®, we strive to provide non-surgical solutions for knee and joint pain that can either eliminate the need for surgery, or allow you to live an active and pain free lifestyle until it’s determined that surgery remains the last option. Our board certified physicians have dedicated their careers to researching and developing the latest non-surgical techniques for treating knee and joint pain, including viscosupplementation and regenerative medicine with advanced biologics. Before deciding on surgery, you owe it to yourself to explore all the non-surgical options offered at Flexogenix®.


The Flexogenix® Difference

Free Initial Exam

To help you learn more about our Knee-Flex 5-Step Treatment and feel totally comfortable with your decision, Flexogenix® now offers a free, no risk consultation for every patient. During this visit, you will meet with one of our board certified physicians, get a full diagnosis of your knee pain and an honest assessment of what we can do to help.

Precise Medical Imaging

The key to effective, long-term knee pain relief begins with a precise diagnosis of the problem. This is another area where Flexogenix® outperforms other clinics. Founded by board certified radiologists, we are true experts in advanced diagnostic imaging. This becomes critical in both assessing the cause and severity of the problem and delivering the right treatment with pinpoint accuracy.

Leaders In Regenerative Therapy

The science of regenerative therapy is growing fast. So is the gap between those leading its advancement and those falling behind. In both Regenerative Treatments and Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments, Flexogenix® is leading the way. We use regenerative treatment for maximum concentration and results. Our PRP treatments are more pure and concentrated than those provided at most regenerative clinics. Our results are simply better.

We Do What is Best For You

In today’s complex medical world it is sometime hard for a patient to get clear, unbiased advice. A surgeon will likely tell you that surgery is the best option. A pain specialist will likely prescribe powerful medications. At Flexogenix® we have only one goal; what is best for you. We will do all we can to help you avoid surgery. But if surgery is the best option we will help you find the best surgeon or the best treatment for you.