Regenerative therapy is a growing area of medicine that has shown remarkable results with a number of patients who suffer from joint pain, arthritis and other related conditions. Regenerative therapy is a nonsurgical approach that involves replacing cells and tissues by injecting platelet rich plasma (PRP) and stem cells into affected areas. Flexogenix® has developed a proprietary treatment protocol that combines PRP with stem cells, called Progeni-Flex™.

Over time, cells and tissues break down in similar fashion to the parts in a machine or a car. For example, brake pads and tires wear out over time. Unlike a car, however, your body is a complex living organism with the ability to heal.

Knee replacement and other surgical procedures come with side effects that interfere with the body’s healing mechanisms and adversely affect other areas of the body. For example, steroids commonly prescribed for joint pain can cause gastrointestinal bleeding and ulcers. Regenerative therapy, by contrast, aids the natural healing process in a less invasive manner.

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Stem Cells

adipose stem cellsStem cells can adapt to multiple cell types, functioning as a basic ingredient in the formation of organs and tissues. They are undifferentiated “seeds” that can grow into a more specific type of cell: for example, a kidney cell, muscle cell or skin cell.

While there are different types and sources of stem cells, Flexogenix® utilizes stem cells drawn exclusively from the placenta and amniotic fluid. These are donated shortly after birth. The placenta and amniotic fluid are the best sources of stem cells, since these cells are youngest and most adaptable.

These stem cells can be reprogrammed with the use of growth factors into the specific tissue for the acute or chronic condition being treated. Through this process, the stem cells become “pluripotent,” which allows them to replace degenerated tissue in the joints.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Protect Your Joints From OsteoarthritisPRP is a natural accelerant to the healing process. Platelets, found in the bloodstream, allow wounds to clot and form scar tissue. PRP is useful for healing joints, tendons, muscles, ligaments and sometimes even nerve damage.

Platelets cause blood to clot, which is essential for healing most common injuries. Platelet density in PRP is 5-10 times that of normal plasma, but more importantly, it contains specific proteins known as “growth factors.” These growth factors direct stem cells to form into the specific type of tissue needed to repair the injury. That’s why PRP is highly effective when combined with stem cells.

Regenerative therapy accelerates recovery from acute and chronic conditions—and it offers a viable alternative for injuries where other modes of therapy are ineffective. This innovative treatment approach makes it possible for people to enhance the quality of their lives and maintain their active lifestyle.

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