It’s never good when you’re injured doing something you love. When a sports injury happens, there are therapies that can help get you back into the game.

Regenerative Medicine

There were times when the only way to fix an injury was invasive surgery with a long recovery time. Not so anymore. Regenerative medicine can help the body heal itself.

Stem cell therapy is part of regenerative medicine and doctors can use it to help relieve chronic joint pain and heal injuries. 

How Does it Work?

Our body tissues contain stem cells and platelet rich plasma (PRP). Both have the ability to go to a damaged area and help repair and regenerate new tissue.

Sometimes, as we get older or suffer a serious injury, the body cannot naturally heal itself, so regenerative medicine helps it along. Doctors figure out the best techniques to use and then inject the cells directly into the damaged tissue. This gives a jump-start to the healing process.

What Injuries Can Progeni-Flex Treat?

Regenerative medicine can treat many sports injuries including damaged tendons, ligaments, muscles, and cartilage.

The hope is the cells and PRP will grow into the musculoskeletal cells to repair and replace the damaged ones.

Stem cells might also:

  • Encourage the growth of new blood vessels to facilitate better healing
  • Decrease or prevent inflammation
  • Show tissue degeneration

At Flexogenix, we call our program Progeni-Flex™ and it combines many advanced and effective stem cell and PRP procedures into one.

Since it can help restore joints, many patients with chronic conditions likes osteoarthritis can benefit from Progeni-Flex™. It’s also an option for weekend warriors and active athletes who want to reduce their pain and increase mobility.

But you don’t need to already have pain to benefit from Progeni-Flex™. If you have early signs of osteoarthritis, you might be able to slow its progression or prevent from occurring. For active athletes, Progeni-Flex™ can help strengthen and improve joints.

If you think you might benefit from Progeni-Flex™, contact Flexogenix for an appointment today.