If you’re dealing with knee pain, your knee may be stiff, swollen, weak or make popping noises. It can feel like one bone is grinding on another bone, or it may only hurt when you move or twist it in a certain way.

The fact is, dealing with knee pain isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. The knee is complex, with ligaments, cartilage and muscle that hold it together, along with special structures that cushion it. In order to get the right treatment and minimize your pain, you first need to get an accurate diagnosis to identify where the problem really lies.

Managing the Pain

Of course, pain management is key to your quality of life. Over-the-counter medications and ice packs can help, but they don’t get to the root of the problem and can even cause other issues when used incorrectly or for prolonged periods.

When you visit a specialist in joint pain, you’ll undergo a multi-step process to determine what’s causing the pain and how to best treat it.

First, you’ll likely get a thorough examination that may include mapping the nerves in your knee. This shows the physician the exact areas responsible for the pain and allows the use of an innovative type of cold therapy to freeze those nerves, preventing them from transmitting pain signals to your brain.

Once the pain is under control, non-surgical treatments are available to actually help your knee heal itself. Surgery may not be necessary and should be considered a last resort.

Finally, the physician will consider what caused your knee to hurt in the first place and recommend a program to prevent the pain from coming back. That may involve exercise, weight loss and a regimen developed especially for you based on what you do and your desired activity level.

Don’t Suffer in Silence

While many people have knee pain, be aware that there are innovative, new solutions for helping your knees heal without surgery. Don’t let knee pain sideline you from doing the things you love.

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