review rating 5  After canceling knee replacement surgery, I asked for prayers at church. I needed a miracle. Another member in the church told me about Flexogenix in Cary, NC. I went to see them and they started injections, a brace for a time, etc. WOW!! What a wonderful difference Haven’t needed those strong Hydrocodene pills since the first injections; haven’t woke up at night from pain in my knees. About a year later I noticed stiffness building up and called them I went back for ‘maintenance ‘, receiving a series of 3 ‘gel like ‘ injections in each knee. Wonderful, Godsend, absolutely an answer to my prayers. So I went back yesterday to see the doctor. Told my husband if Flexogenix can do for my right shoulder what they’ve done for my knees, I would be dancing out of there all the way to the parking lot. Sad, my rotor cuff is kaputsky and for a couple of reasons I am not a candidate for replacement. I got a cortisone shot and told if the pain increases they will do treatment for nerves. Not a perfect solution for my shoulder as it’s been for my knees but last night was a night I slept like a baby. May not be the miracle I got for my knees but I am not complaining. Thank God for Flexogenix!!! Want to add that another lady in my church went for knee replacement instead. The following Sunday our pastor asked that we pray for her. She got one knee replaced and caught MRSA staff infection (that is something people die from). Any better reason to go to Flexogenix first? Don’t think so

    thumb Beyond Luck

    review rating 5  Only been twice but the courteous of staff and Drs. are top notch. Got to go back 5 more times real soon. Im sure AWESOME treatment will be shown.

    thumb Tony Lee

    review rating 5  I was going to have to give up tennis before having my HA shots. I am now running like i did 10 years ago! Everyone at the office is so professional, caring and concerned. Its a large operation with a small atmosphere. Thank you got giving my passion of tennis back to me!!

    thumb nancee merritt