review rating 5  FLEXOGENICS is so great!! I feel like the Tin man in the Wizard of Oz movie. I show up when I need help and FLEXOGENICS takes the pain away and I get back my mobility. History: Bone on bone is what my doctor said. Knee replacement surgery was scheduled. The closer my scheduled surgery came the stronger a feeling of dread hit me, so I canceled surgery and asked the congregation at church to pray for me. THAT’s when I heard about FLEXOGENICS. My knees stopped hurting after the 1st treatment. After the treatments given, I stayed pain free and functioning for about a year. Called FLEXOGENICS when one knee started to bother me and they determined treatment. I was fixed again. My right shoulder is a problem that continued to become more painful. My shoulder wasn’t a ‘candidate ‘ for the same type of fix, so I was given a shot to ease the pain temporarily. Several days ago I thought I ripped one knee and it was bothering me some. So yesterday I was at FLEXOGENICS for another shot to stop the pain in my shoulder and told them about the injury to my knee. They worked me in for both problems. First, they ran tests to determine impact of my knee injury in addition to my shoulder, so I was seen by two different doctors and the staff is so efficient. They injected the first of what the doctor determined was needed for fixing my injury. Then after examining my shoulder I had injections into my shoulder. Now I am needle-phobic but with the constant ache, the shots were welcomed (they use very fine needles and good at what they do). Within just minutes the aching pain stopped. My shoulder was stiff and a little sore for a few hours but I actually got a full nights sleep last night without needing pain killers to get through the night. Wonderful!! As I write this, my injured knee feels good and all pain is gone in my shoulder. I thank God I went to FLEXOGENICS. It’s beginning to look like a place for miracles to me. Guess the best reason for considering treatment over surgery involves the experience another woman in my area with bone on bone had. She got one knee replaced and caught the MRSA staff infection (that is something people die from). Any better reason to go to Flexogenix first? Don’t think so

    thumb Beyond Luck

    review rating 5  The treatment was excellent. It reduced my pain tremendously and I am looking forward to continue with the treatment process to reduce my pain even more. The staff was excellent and displayed great professionalism. Sorry I did not hear about this sooner. Thanks to Flexogenix of Atlanta for giving me my life back. Now I am enjoying a good night sleep without pain.

    thumb kathleen Armstrong

    review rating 5  Staff was soo nice and I really enjoyed talking to the doctor and helping him come up with a plan to help my mom. The next day she fixed her breakfast for the first time in 8 months. Awesome. Thanks

    thumb Prina May