According to the CDC, over 70% of adults in the United States are overweight, with 38% of them considered obese. Unfortunately, the increases in our waistlines also reflect increases in obesity related conditions, such as type II diabetes, osteoarthritis, and hypertension. The Obesity Action Coalition reported studies showing that reducing body weight by even a modest 5-10% can have incredible health benefits, including improving good cholesterol, reducing triglycerides, decreasing blood pressure, improving sleep apnea, and most importantly, a significant drop in the levels of inflammatory substances in the blood and circulatory system. We all know that the “secret” to healthy, sustained weight loss is improved diet and increased exercise, but where do you start if hitting the pavement causes pain?

Struggling to Break a Sweat

physical-therapy-roomFor many people, packing on some extra pounds can be the result of the inactivity associated with a painful injury, or because of chronic pain conditions like osteoarthritis. Unfortunately, gaining weight isn’t the only problem that comes with inactivity; if a joint doesn’t move, it will actually become even more stiff and painful, and will have a domino effect throughout the body as it tries to compensate for the imbalances. Chronic pain sufferers, overweight patients, and elite athletes with injuries alike will struggle to keep moving if it hurts to put weight on an inflamed joint, and that’s where Zero G-flex, Flexogenix’s® anti-gravity treadmills, come in. Imagine reducing body weight by up to 80% instantly!

What is an Anti-Gravity Treadmill?

The implementation of anti-gravity technology has resulted in a treadmill that looks just like a regular gym machine, but with design features including an air-filled bag that fits around an exerciser’s lower torso and legs. The users will wear shorts that zipper into the air chamber that is formed, and when that airtight seal is made, the chamber is inflated, slightly lifting the user and reducing the amount of weight the legs need to carry when exercising. This incredible concept allows for walking or running with up to 80% less body weight, which enables the completion of safer, longer and more strenuous workouts than would typically be possible.

Walk This Way

In a case study by the Boise State University Kinesiology Department, an extremely obese patient utilized an anti-gravity treadmill like the Zero G-Flex over 14 weeks. At the end of the trial, she not only increased her exercise tolerance time by more than 3-fold, she also increased her caloric expenditure by 4-fold, lost almost 3% of her body weight, decreased swelling in her knees and ankles, decreased fasting blood glucose by almost 10%, and did it all without a major increase in her heart rate or a perceived rate of pain in her lower extremities. An anti-gravity technology treadmill like the Zero G-Flex is not just for treating injuries, but also works to prevent injuries by reducing undue joint loading and by improving insufficient muscular strength in patients that may currently lack the conditioning necessary to begin a treatment or workout regimen.

Take a Load Off!

At Flexogenix®, we understand that pain can literally make it difficult to take the first steps toward improved health. If you’re seeking a non-surgical alternative to getting back your active and pain-free lifestyle, contact us today to learn more about your options.