Arthritis is the number one cause of disability in the United States, with more than 50 million Americans experiencing the symptoms of pain, swelling, stiffness, inflammation, decreased range of motion, and loss of flexibility in their joints annually. With growing concern over the diminishing effects of medications for treating these symptoms and the potential risk of addiction to painkillers, many people are seeking natural arthritis treatments, and have found relief through adjusting their lifestyles and approaches to pain management. The following are excellent natural alternatives for managing arthritis pain.

  1. Reduce Body Fat, Not Just Body Weight

Carrying excess body fat not only strains joints with added pressure, it was recently discovered that the fat itself is causing problems. It was thought that fat cells were merely passive storage for excess energy, but fat is actually an active body tissue that creates and releases its own hormones, some of which promote inflammation that can worsen arthritis all over the body. According to a University of Michigan School of Public Health report, “Adipose tissue…is now recognized as a highly metabolic endocrine organ with the capacity to secrete active agents including adipocytokines,” cell-signaling molecules which trigger an immune response that leads to inflammation. Reducing additional risk factors for developing arthritis is another great reason to adopt a lifestyle that promotes a healthier body weight.

  1. A Body In Motion Stays In Motion

woman-walkingChronic pain from conditions like arthritis can result in decreased activity, but staying active is actually essential for joint health. Not only will exercise strengthen the muscles surrounding the sensitive joints, the Mayo Clinic reports that it will also help maintain bone density, help control body weight, provide more energy and a more restful night’s sleep, and that stretching exercises will improve range of motion and flexibility. Starting with low impact exercises like yoga, pilates, swimming, walking or bicycling can help ease into more activity and is an excellent natural arthritis treatment.

  1. You Are What You Eat

The movement for making better dietary choices as natural arthritis treatments is founded in solid nutritional science. Many foods in the modern diet are pro-inflammatory, worsening conditions like arthritis by perpetuating an immune response to the damage in joints. Avoiding pro-inflammatory foods like sugar, hydrogenated oils, processed carbohydrates, and full fat dairy, and adding the following to your diet can help calm your system and provide the nutritional support your body needs:

  • Omega-3 Foods: Wild-caught fish like salmon, grass fed beef, flax and chia seeds, and walnuts all work to lower inflammation.
  • Bone Broth: A great source of collagen, which helps rebuild connective tissue, and chondroitin and glucosamine, antioxidants that reduce joint pain and inflammation.
  • Fruits and Vegetables: Colorful produce are full of antioxidants and fiber, both of which help to reduce pain and improve function by assisting in lowering inflammation levels.
  • Supplementing your diet with ginger and spices like Turmeric can be excellent natural arthritis treatments. Studies show that they provide analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, inhibiting joint inflammation, reducing swelling, and slowing joint destruction.

Considering Natural Arthritis Treatments?

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