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causes of hip pain in women

The Top Four Causes of Hip Pain in Women

When women visit their physicians about hip pain, there are a number of factors that the doctor will take into consideration to help determine the problem. The first thing that needs to be established is whether it’s actually the hip causing pain, as women can have a number of conditions, including their monthly cycles, that can cause pain in the upper thigh, upper buttock, or low back that can mimic joint pain.

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Workout Mistakes That Will Cause Hip Pain

Exercise is incredibly beneficial to the human body and mind, and that remains true for those suffering from hip pain. However, you want to be sure to avoid common workout mistakes.

Physical activity key to health

We all know how important exercise is, that it’s a cornerstone of health. Looking at specific ways in which exercise helps the body shows the far-reaching ramifications that physical activity has on wellness.  Here’s a snapshot of benefits from the Mayo Clinic:

·      It helps people control their weight.

·      It helps prevent the development of chronic health conditions.

·      It gives us an emotional uplift, enhancing mood.

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3 Foods that Trigger Joint Pain

3 Foods that Trigger Joint Pain

Processed food is extraordinarily difficult for our bodies to handle. One way we feel the impact is with an increase in joint pain. The primary reason that food is so critical to the joints is straightforward when considering the body mechanically: if a person is obese, the additional pounds represent an increase in the load that the joints must bear.

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