Each year thousands of people in this country undergo surgeries that may not be necessary. And, in many cases, the patient ends up no better or even worse off than they were before. That’s why at Flexogenix®, we strive to provide non-surgical solutions for knee and joint pain that can either eliminate the need for surgery, or allow you to live an active and pain free lifestyle until it’s determined that surgery remains the last option. Our board certified physicians have dedicated their careers to researching and developing the latest non-surgical techniques for treating knee and joint pain, including viscosupplementation and regenerative medicine with advanced biologics. Before deciding on surgery, you owe it to yourself to explore all the non-surgical options offered at Flexogenix®.

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Free Initial Exam

advanced medical imagingIf you are suffering with knee pain, we strongly encourage you take advantage of our Free Consultation opportunity. During this consultation a board certified Flexogenix® physician will review your case, diagnose your condition and determine if you are a candidate for our non-surgical treatments. We provide a thorough exam at no cost to you that could save you from risky knee replacement surgery. Schedule your Free consultation today. If you do qualify for our non-surgical approach, we can even treat you the very same day. Due to federal and state regulations some restrictions apply to the free consultation.

Precise Medical Imaging

image guided treatmentsAdvanced medical imaging, including musculoskeletal ultrasound, is one of the many distinguishing features that sets Flexogenix® apart. Founded by board certified radiologists, our success begins with precise diagnostic imaging to accurately diagnose the problem; how bad is the deterioration, is it bone on bone, and where is the exact location of the problem. Each physician at Flexogenix® is AIUM® accredited, ensuring that each image is interpreted correctly for an accurate diagnosis. Each treatment is guided by advanced, real time imaging bringing pinpoint accuracy in order to maximize your clinical success.

Leaders in Regenerative Therapy

Conceptual human pain anatomyWhile many are predicting that Regenerative Medicine is the future of medicine, the doctors at Flexogenix® are offering it now. Flexogenix® is even actively investigating the preventive role stem cell therapy may have in significantly altering the onset of OA. We are bringing treatments that were once available only to elite athletes like Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant, to you. Utilizing Platelet Rich Plasma, Stem Cells and advanced cellular biologics, Flexogenix® is providing non-surgical solutions for joint conditions that just recently could only be treated surgically. PRP can rapidly accelerate the healing of cartilage, muscle, connective tissue and ligaments.  Stem cell therapy can also potentially regrow lost cartilage and tissue and even reverse or eliminate the effects of osteoarthritis. In addition, the doctors at Flexogenix® remain dedicated to researching the most innovative advanced cellular biologics in order to provide state of the art non-surgical solutions to your joint conditions.

Results You Deserve

Beach-bike-rideIn today’s complex medical world, it is sometimes hard for a patient to get clear, professional, unbiased advice. A surgeon will likely tell you that you need surgery, while a pain specialist will likely recommend prescription medications. At Flexogenix® we give you the facts and offer recommendations based upon what is best for you. In some cases, surgery may be your only option but, as any medical expert will tell you, it is essential that you explore every possible non-surgical option before you make that decision. We have helped hundreds of patients who were told knee replacement surgery was their only option, only to find out that this was not actually the case.
That is why we strongly recommend you call today to schedule your consultation. We will provide a thorough exam and honest, professional, expert medical advice. If we cannot help you, we will help you find someone who can. That is our promise to you.