Advanced Physical Conditioning


Like everything at Flexogenix®, our approach to Physical Therapy and Re-Conditioning is custom tailored for each individual patient. The injections and procedures offered at Flexogenix® are extremely effective in decreasing pain – the physical therapy is the bridge between where the patient is now and where they would like to be.
physical conditioning
It’s called Kineti-Flex™ and it’s built around 3 core concepts:

  • One-on-One Therapy
  • Evidenced Based Treatments
  • Breakthrough Zero G-Flex Technology


Our mission is to provide an environment in which each patient feels genuinely cared for. We treat each patient like a member of our family. We support and encourage. We believe a positive, supportive environment leads to the best results.

PT- FLEXEach Kineti-Flex™ treatment session is one-on-one with a fully certified therapist for a full hour. Our goal is to show each patient that they can move without pain. With reduced pain, each patient is able to retrain his or her body and learn corrective exercises that will help to regain and maintain the active and pain free lifestyle that has been missing for so long.


We are evidenced based, which means every technique and therapy we provide has been validated through research and published scientific studies. We are strong believers in innovation and always looking for the latest and most effective treatments and technologies, but everything we provide must be based on sound scientific support.

To that end, it is well documented that the best results come from clear and concise communication between the medical doctor and therapist. That’s why our board certified physicians and certified physical therapists work together under one roof to develop a well coordinated plan to reduce pain and then regain strength and mobility. There is no need to go to one location for treatment and a second location for PT. Each Flexogenix® Clinic provides both.


The “Zero G-Flex” is a unique piece of equipment that allows us to reduce body weight from the weight-bearing joints. This breakthrough technology can provide life-changing results for a wide range of patients and conditions:

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  • The severe chronic pain or osteoarthritis sufferer who finds it difficult to get out of bed or a chair.
  • The chronic pain sufferer who wants to walk the dog, ride a bike and live a more active life.
  • The overweight patient who continues to gain weight because he or she cannot exercise or enjoy an active lifestyle without pain and eventually develops the “I can’t” mentality.
  • The elite athlete who wants to continue to train and maintain fitness while recovering from injury.

It is often said that “motion is the lotion” to the joint. If a joint doesn’t move, it becomes more stiff and painful and the domino effect of pain patterns occurs. With the Zero G-Flex we can dramatically decrease pressure on the joint and allow the patient to regain movement and gradually retrain and restore the once stiff and painful knees and joints.

It’s incredible what the body can do when it doesn’t have pain as the limiting factor. The Zero G-Flex gives our patients that first taste of an active life without pain, and restores the “I can and I will” mentality.