Knee-Flex 5-Step

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Knee-Flex 5-Step

If you are one of the millions of Americans suffering with chronic knee pain and hoping to avoid knee replacement surgery, then you owe it to yourself to contact Flexogenix® and schedule a free consultation to learn more about the “Knee-Flex 5-Step” Protocol.

To help you learn more about our Knee-Flex 5-Step Protocol, we provide an absolutely free, no obligation consultation so you can meet the doctor and ask questions and find out more about this innovative treatment. During your free consultation you will receive a thorough exam by a board certified physician, a detailed evaluation of your options, and a clear understanding of whether this treatment is right for you.

If it is determined you are a candidate for this procedure, you may receive your first treatment the very same day.

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“Coming to Flexogenix® has been a life changing experience….I’m able to go back and do the things I used to do…it’s amazing, truly amazing.”

Dianna Thigpen – Actual Patient


The Knee-Flex 5–Step Protocol  takes the very latest FDA Approved, non-surgical knee pain treatment, and enhances it to provide a level of results that few others can match.

After several years of research, the FDA approved a lubricating and cushioning gel called Hyaluronic Acid. Through a simple injection treatment hyaluronic acid is administered into the knee where it re-nourishes cartilage and provides lubrication and cushioning to the joint. This treatment, known as viscosupplementation, is designed to allow for a substantial reduction in pain level, and improved comfort and mobility in the knee.

With the Knee-Flex 5-Step Protocol, Flexogenix® takes viscosupplementation to a whole new level by incorporating a series of additional proprietary treatments that can provide more substantial pain relief, better mobility and better long term results.

Step 1

Stop the Breakdown of Cartilage

Before we begin the process to re-nourish and cushion the knee joint, we incorporate an advanced injection protocol to stop any further degradation of the knee joint and cartilage. This prepares the knee joint and sends signals to the body to stop sending inflammatory signals associated with osteoarthritis.  This stage is essential and creates a strong foundation to restore the integrity of the knee joint.

Step 2

Lubricate & Protect the Knee Joint

Using the latest in image-guided technology, our medical team administers the injection of hyaluronic acid with pinpoint precision. The hyaluronic acid provides lubrication and tempers the friction within the knee joint to reduce that bone-on-bone sensation.  The precision and accuracy of the image-guided injection ensures the gel-like fluid is injected directly into the joint capsule for optimal results.

Step 3

Restore Muscular Strength

Using the advanced Zero G-Flex anti-gravity technology, we begin restoring strength and mobility to the newly treated knee joint.  This Zero G-Flex anti-gravity treadmill prevents unnecessary pounding and friction while we give the knee joint time to heal and build the strength of surrounding muscles.  The better the stability around the knee joint, the better the chances for long term success.

Step 4

Restore Knee Alignment

We then carefully examine the structure of the knee for alignment issues and provide proprietary bracing to properly unload and distribute pressure off the worn areas of the joint.  Additionally, rehabilitation techniques restore the range of motion and correct misalignments. This helps to eliminate pressures and problems that could cause the knee problems to re-emerge.

Step 5

Eliminate Residual Pain

We provide a final additive to your treatment to reduce residual pain and control the body’s conditioned response to the knee pain you’ve been experiencing. This approach is often successful in taking the final pain level to zero while also prolonging the effectiveness of steps 1 through 4.


“It works…I did use a walker, I used a cane and now I’m not using either. This made a difference in the quality of my life.”

Cornelia Pittman – Actual Patient



knee-flex 5 at flexogenix consultationIncorporated in the Knee-Flex 5-Step Program are several of the foundational tenets that set Flexogenix® apart.

Our board certified physicians have dedicated their careers 100% to non-surgical solutions for orthopedic problems. We don’t see non-surgical solutions as a second choice. This is what we do every day. We believe in it. We are leaders in the field, always studying and implementing the very latest advancements. Our experience, focus and expertise helps us to achieve results few others can match.

We are also committed to the very latest in medical imaging technology. This is absolutely critical in allowing for the most accurate diagnosis and most effective treatment of your specific knee pain. While some clinics perform injections based on where you say it hurts, our physicians are actually looking at a real time image of the inside of your knee as they make each injection. They can see the needle go in and guide it right to the troubled area. This ensures that each injection is delivered with pinpoint accuracy for maximum results.

In the end, it all comes down to safe and effective results. The Knee-Flex 5-Step Treatment Program has successfully helped thousands of people avoid knee replacement surgery and get back to an active lifestyle.

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Our FDA approved treatment is covered by Medicare and most major insurances. This makes it possible for a wide range of patients to try our innovative, non-surgical Knee-Flex 5-Step Program and avoid knee replacement surgery.


If you are experiencing knee pain that is preventing you from being as active as you would like to be, then you owe it to yourself to contact Flexogenix® and schedule a free consultation to learn more about our innovative Knee-Flex 5-Step Program. We have helped thousands of people avoid knee replacement surgery and get back to an active lifestyle. There is a good chance we can help you, too. Contact Flexogenix® today!