Knee Braces and Support


knee bracesAmong the factors that can contribute to knee, hip and generalized joint pain can be an individual’s gait. In other words the way in which the foot strikes the ground or how that impact affects the knees for example. That’s why at Flexogenix® we offer services in fitting our patients for both Knee Braces and Orthotics.

In many clinics the need for Bracing or Orthotics usually require two independent visits to two independent practitioners. However at Flexogenix®, we strive to provide non-surgical joint pain relief with the use of our knee braces and customized orthotics in a single visit and in fact on the first visit.


custom knee bracesApproximately 90% of the patients suffering from degenerative osteoarthritis of the knees will demonstrate narrowing of the medial compartment knee space to a much greater degree than the lateral compartment. As a result, an asymmetric alignment of the bones in the knee joint frequently leads to an imbalance in loading on the knee and thus considerable pain. With the use of the appropriate knee brace, we can unload the asymmetric knee joint into the correct alignment, open up the medial joint compartment, reduce stress on the joint surfaces, alleviate inflammation and provide an opportunity for the joint to heal.

In combination with Viscosupplementation to lubricate and cushion the knee joint while reducing pain, in conjunction with advanced physical conditioning on the Zero G-Flex anti-gravity treadmill, as well as the application with our unloading knee braces, the patients at Flexogenix® have become active once again in a highly functional manner. Bracing has therefore become another critical component in the total Flexogenix® approach helping get patients back to an active lifestyle, while avoiding painful and risky surgery.

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gait analysis for orthoticsOrthotics are insoles placed into your shoes that correct the alignment of your feet to enable you to strike the ground precisely with each step. Orthotics also prevents the exaggerated movement of the feet either inward or outward which would otherwise put undo stress and pain on your joints. Customized Prescription Orthotics provided by Flexogenix® can help relieve that pain by realigning and stabilizing the positioning of your feet, and thereby restoring a natural walking pattern.

In order to accurately confirm our diagnosis and custom orthotics design so as to make them as effective as possible, Flexogenix® utilizes the innovative technology known as GaitScan.

Using thousands of tiny scanners, GaitScan scans the foot, maps the pressure as your foot strikes the ground and then prints a detailed report. This detailed report allows the patient to visualize the exact location of the abnormal pressure in each step, and enables the Flexogenix® Team to precisely design a customized Orthotic insert to place into your shoe and thus alleviate the problem.

With our expertise in Bracing and Orthotics, along with non-surgical techniques in restoring lubrication and relieving joint pain, Flexogenix® stands out as the leader in non-surgical solutions for an active lifestyle.