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knee pain and sciatica

Is There a Connection Between Knee Pain and Sciatica?

For years, Mary, a sales manager and mother of two, has been suffering from sciatica. Recently, she has also started to experience knee pain as well. The expansion of Mary’s pain symptoms is stressful and frustrating. She wonders if there is an underlying cause, linking the two health issues, that can be addressed.

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healthy knees

4 Reminders for Happy, Healthy Knees

As any active athlete, dancer or runner can tell you, you’re only as young as your knees feel. The knees are one of the largest joints in the body, and according to Harvard Health, they bear the force of 1½ times your body weight with each step walked on level ground.

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runner's knee

Strengthen the Hips for Strong Knees

Running is a great form of cardiovascular exercise, but it can also lead to chronic health conditions such as patellofemoral pain syndrome, or runner’s knee. Runner’s knee is pain experienced at the front of the knee. Often resulting from a degradation of the cartilage beneath the kneecap, this syndrome is common among athletes, people who work in manual labor, and teenagers.

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