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At Flexogenix®, every employee has a chance to make a difference, by delivering the best quality care in accordance with core values. The rewards are excellent: a clinically distinguished environment and an opportunity to work alongside other dedicated employees.

We are looking for skilled, compassionate, determined associates with a strong commitment to superior service.

What Our Team Has To Say


Physical Therapist Aide
– Amanda Dailor

“Flexogenix® provides endless support and resources in order for us to succeed. It has been my dream to go down the Physical/Occupational Therapy route since I can remember, and being given the opportunity to work for the Physical Therapy Department right out of college was a blessing. Every single day I learn something new and am able to apply it to my work. There is no greater reward than seeing that you’ve changed a patient’s life for the better and I am thankful to be a part of a company whose mission is just that.”


Mid-Level Provider
– Derek Medeiros

“I love helping patients with their joint pain and improving their everyday life. I appreciate Flexogenix® supplying free lunches every other Friday and paying for a company retreat. These are not benefits you can find at many other companies. I am one of the Radiology Practitioner Assistants and my role is to do patient consultations as well as procedures. I enjoy going to work every day and working with a wonderful team.”


Patient Care Representative
– Rene McClanahan

“Working for a company that helps people achieve pain relief is very satisfying. Coming to work every day knowing I’m able to make a difference, to work with a family of co-workers and have unlimited opportunities for growth is a dream come true. Being the first point of contact with patients, I love explaining the non-surgical knee and joint treatment options we offer.”

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All Positions Offered At Flexogenix®

  • Mid-Level Providers:
  • – Radiologist Assistant
  • – Radiologist Practitioner Assistant
  • – Physician Assistant
  • – Nurse Practitioner
  • – Registered Nurse
  • Physician
  • Medical Assistant
  • Ultrasound Technologist
  • Front Office Coordinator
  • Patient Care Representative
  • Physical Therapist
  • Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Physical Therapist Aide
  • Office Manager
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Opportunity and Culture



Front Office Coordinator
– Sara Shillinglaw

“I absolutely love working at Flexogenix® due to the amazing benefits and the ability for growth. Most other companies will tell you that growth is available without actually following through, but in the six months I have worked here I have witnessed so many employees being promoted into positions that better suit their personalities and professionally challenge them.”

Jerrell PT

Physical Therapist Assistant
– Jerrell Parker

“Since I started working for Flexogenix® it has been very satisfying. I have had the opportunity of helping influence a culture that embodies compassion, work ethic, and efficiency as well as a genuine camaraderie that makes it a joy to be here.The company has shown loyalty which in today’s society it is hard to find and I value that.”


Medical Assistant
– Jennifer Stoberman

“I really enjoy my job as a Lead Medical Assistant with Flexogenix®. I love meeting new people and having the opportunity to help patients improve the quality of their lives. It’s nice to work for a company that truly cares about you, which is evident because they offer so many extra opportunities for career growth and rewards for hard work.”