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ice baths to reduce inflammation

Ice Baths to Reduce Inflammation – Do They Really Work?

It has been a long-established idea within sports science that it was practical, following intense workouts, to use ice baths to reduce inflammation. However, in 2015, a study was released in the Journal of Physiology that suggested this tactic could backfire: without the inflammation to indicate to your muscles that they need to repair and strengthen, ice baths could actually impede your fitness progress.

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knee pain and sciatica

Is There a Connection Between Knee Pain and Sciatica?

For years, Mary, a sales manager and mother of two, has been suffering from sciatica. Recently, she has also started to experience knee pain as well. The expansion of Mary’s pain symptoms is stressful and frustrating. She wonders if there is an underlying cause, linking the two health issues, that can be addressed.

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causes of hip pain in women

The Top Four Causes of Hip Pain in Women

When women visit their physicians about hip pain, there are a number of factors that the doctor will take into consideration to help determine the problem. The first thing that needs to be established is whether it’s actually the hip causing pain, as women can have a number of conditions, including their monthly cycles, that can cause pain in the upper thigh, upper buttock, or low back that can mimic joint pain.

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